Great that you are interested in making a video and cool that you found EnviroDog

It can feel like a jungle out there with so many production companies. I know this because that was my experience when I needed to create online content as a project leader at West Sweden Tourist Board.

I have learned the whole process of creating film, writing scripts, presenting and more through my work on numerous productions and I often get feedback that I have a good eye and feeling for making personal films that are appreciated by viewers.

This is how my production company EnviroDog came to be.

Now it’s my passion to make films and see how they delight viewers and everyone involved in the process.

Welcome to EnviroDog!

Are you curious about why I chose the name EnviroDog? It comes from my passion for saving the environment and my love for animals, especially dogs, so… EnviroDog.
Anna Martinez
CEO EnviroDog

Why make a film?

Increase your profile with video content

Marketing experts recommend companies, organisations, and municipalities to work with video content for different social media channels and for their own websites.

Visibility on YouTube is just as important today as being found on Google, especially for the younger generation, and if you don’t have video to show you can miss your chance to catch attention.

An energy boost for the company

Something that may not be immediately obvious, is the joy experienced by the participants in the film when they get to share, inform and show something they are proud of.

They have an opportunity to shine and can be a star for a day. The feelings and drive that are set in motion by a film production can be as valuable for the employer, the organization or municipality as getting views, thumbs up and sharing on social media.

Find your personal expression

It is the genuine, personal, and uncontrived that gains the greatest appreciation on social media. And it is precisely the personal and genuine that EnviroDog can help you bring to the fore.

We help you see details and help the participants relax and trust in the process. This applies whether we follow a script or improvise and experiment on location. We promise that together we will find a personal and professional expression that matches your organization.

“Anna has helped me making a series of great films about sharing services in Gothenburg for the Sharing and the City project.

She has a natural talent of not only “living in the film” herself but also making the viewers feel like they are sharing this journey with Anna and visiting all the exciting places she shows in her films and talking to the enthusiastic people running these places.

It has always been a pleasure of collaborating with Anna and I definitely would like to work with her in my future projects.”

Yuliya Voytenko Palgan
Associate Professor at Lund University, Sweden
“Anna has a great peace and ability to make people relax and be natural in front of the camera.”
Tove Lund
The city of Gothenburg, Sweden

Some suggestions for what you
can achieve with your movie

Show off your business

Tell your story. How your company started and your vision for attracting more interest in your products or services.

Explain how a product works

For example, if you sell garden products, create a film series with personal content of tips and ideas about how to use your products in your own garden. This attracts followers and engagement with new and old customers.

Profile your environmental activities

Make a film that promotes the organization’s environmental activities. For example, a housing association that wants to inspire tenants to use innovative environmental solutions and give tips on what to think about in their own home.

Pay tribute to colleagues and employees

Colleagues and managers can say why they appreciate their team. Being seen and appreciated by your employer by being a star for a day generates fantastic energy and joy. Then you could have a movie screening to spread that energy at team meetings or conferences.

Highlight an individual

Have you ever thought about recording your parents’ or grandparents’ stories about life? All too easily time passes and you never get round to it. Let’s make a little mini-documentary about your family history and preserve the family history for future generations to appreciate.

Events at your location

A film recording of a concert, festival or conference that must be documented and can be shared after the event.

Interview and reportage

Do peoples’ voices need to be heard? Create a YouTube series with this week’s question.
“It has been fantastic to work with Anna on creating films for Sharing Cities Sweden – a national program for the sharing economy in cities.

Anna brings a combination of professionalism, creativity and a wonderfully engaging style to her films.

I would happily work with Anna again and highly recommend her.”

Kes McCormick
Associate Professor at Lund University, Sweden

Price Examples

It can be difficult to get an idea of what a movie can cost.

Here are four examples of previous productions from my time as an employee of the Tourist Board that illustrate what we can do. The examples illustrate content and price suggestions.

Of course, you are always welcome to contact us with your thoughts and ideas. Maybe you want to film your wedding, your house with a drone or document an event?

What else might you need a movie for?

Meet the Locals

This is a film series style that is perfect for your own YouTube channel.

We follow a theme and once a film is made it serves as a template, so subsequent films require less preparation.

With an established template the approximated cost is:

Filming and editing
Total: ca. SEK 24 000 SEK ex VAT per film in a series.

This type of film is suitable if you want to create a series about your environmental work, create weekly employee profiles show or promote your destination.

I produced this series as an employee of West Sweden Tourist Board. See more at www.meetthelocals.se

Sharing Cities

This type of film includes preparatory work writing the script, finding locations and booking actors for the film.

Price example:

Preparation, filming and editing
Total: SEK 50 500 SEK ex VAT

This type of film is suitable if you want to present your organisation, show a product, or highlight your environmental activities.

I produced this series as an employee of West Sweden Tourist Board. See more at https://www.sharingandthecity.net/gothenburg


This type of film can be used as a complement to an online conference. Delegates appreciate having more detail about organisations that are involved.

The example here was filmed before a conference to deliver a better understanding of the various sharing initiatives under discussion.

The film was produced with the organizer in one day. The organizer did their own preparatory work such as interview questions and logistics.

Price example:

Filming and editing
Total: ca. SEK 15 600 SEK ex VAT

A small production like this is great for interviewing people in town, profiling a colleague or making small web videos for digital seminars.

I produced this series as an employee of West Sweden Tourist Board. See more at https://play.goteborg.se/leksaksbiblioteket-sharing-city

The film about MTL

This more substantial production included more cameras, drones and extras.

Several different scenes were filmed in many different locations with rigorous preparation and a lot of time for editing and creating the soundtrack.

Price estimate for this type of film can be calculated after an initial meeting.

I produced this series as an employee of West Sweden Tourist Board. See more at www.meetthelocals.se


Sustainability for me is that my children and grandchildren get to enjoy the same conditions as me; to breathe fresh air, take a walk in forests full of healthy trees, vacation by the sea and swim in clean water, snuggle on the couch and be fascinated by a nature documentary showing a magical and species-rich Amazon filmed the same year.

Since I studied Ecotourism at the University of Australia for four years, I have been committed to being a little piece of the puzzle in the world’s sustainability work. In everything I do, I try to spread my knowledge and commitment to doing something more and becoming a better piece of the puzzle myself.

Among other things, I have been involved in the board for Naturturismföretagarna, I sit on the assessment panel for Green Key and coached tourism companies to work with sustainability. Sharing economy is also a key to sustainability that I have worked with in recent years.

We can all be our own piece of the puzzle to ensure a good future for our children.

In 2022, EnviroDog will donate 2% of income to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (Naturskyddsföreningen) and Animal Rights (Djurens rätt).





(+46) 0706 28 00 51

We are located i Gothenurg and Alingsås, Sweden

Anna Martinez
CEO EnviroDog